Performance Fitness

Looking for a challenging, exciting and diversified training program. Train like a collegiate or professional athlete. The Performance Fitness program fits your active lifestyle, focusing on training strategies that not only improve your athletic performance, but also reduce your risk of injury. 

Strength Training 

Exercises are based on functional strength and functional movement. It will include linear, lateral, and multi-directional exercises designed to elevate heart rate and build a body that is stronger and more powerful. Multi-joint exercises are designed to make our bodies more efficiently and build overall athleticism.  

Core Training

The core region consists of far more than just the abdominal muscles. This program will focus on core strength training, core stabilization training, and explosive core training.  By improving these muscle groups you will experience improved efficiency of movement, greater body control and balance, increased strength and power, reduced risk of injury, and improved athletic performance. ‚Äč


The focus of the conditioning program is to help improve your overall fitness level. Both aerobic (running, biking, swimming options) and anaerobic (interval training, sprints, circuit training) conditioning will be addressed. 

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