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Speed, Agility & Quickness Training with Certified Speed Specialist, Joey Greany 

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Speed Training

In order to improve speed athletes must focus thier training on 4 areas of speed development.

  • Improve starting ability from stationary, three-point, and standing positions; or from walking, jogging, or striding to maximum speed. 

  • Increase stride rate and stride length.  The first step to master stride rate and stride length is to establish proper sprinting form.  Athletes then need to focus on two areas. First increase ground contact forces through sprint resisted training, jump training, and speed strength training (deadlift, squat). Secondly, through sprint-assisted training, or overspeed training to tolerate high rates of movement.  

  • Improve sprinting form and technique

  • Improve speed endurance.  This will help athletes maintain proper sprinting form and minimize fatigue druing the end of a long sprint (60 yards or more). 

Agility & Quickness Training

Most team sports consist of few movements that occur in a straight line. Additionally, these movements do not occur at a fixed pace or for a fixed length of time. Agility and quickness training improves an athletes ability to change direction, brake suddenly and perform sport-specific skills with speed and direction.  Athletes will perform various agility and quickness drills such as, cone drills, hurdle drills, and reaction drills by responding to both visual and auditory signals. 

Program Design & Overview

1. Warm Up Phase - Athletes will be taken through an extensive warm up consisting of soft tissue work, functional movements, and neuromuscular activation techniques. (Approximately 10-20 minutes) 

2. Agility Phase- After the athletes are well prepared for the session we begin our agility component.  Drills will include both linear and lateral drills, as well as reactive drills, by responding to visual or auditory signals. (Approimately 20-30 minutes)

3. Speed Development Phase - After agility, athletes will be taken into thier speed development phase of training.  The focus will be on resisted sprint training and assisted sprint training each session.  Speed endurance training will be done one day a week.  (Approimately 20-30 minutes)

4. Cool Down Phase - After the session is complete, athletes will be taken through a cool down phase of flexibility work and/or cold tubs. Athletes will be instructed to get proper rest and provide their bodies with proper nutrition and hydration. (Approimately 10 minutes)

*Athletes must show up to each training session well rested, well hydrated, and focused.*

Athletes Application

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