Trevor Purcell

Asst. Baseball Coach Mount Saint Marry College (New York)

“ Coach Greany is an incredible motivator and extremely knowledgeable in the field of strength and conditioning. His ability to motivate student athletes and design workout plans according to their sport are incredible. He brings new techniques and introduces his clients to the cutting edge of strength training. He has the ability to bring athletes to the next level with drastic results. I look forward to continue to work with my players and improve their overall performance. I highly recommend coach Greany to any athlete looking to get to that next level”.

Everett Teaford

Professional Baseball Player

“Point blank, Joey Greany is the man. I have worked with him this year and my results have been incredible. His strength program and techniques are unmatched in the field. While working with Joey my fastball went from 90 mph to 95 mph over the course of just 4 months and he deserves all the credit. If anyone is given the opportunity to work with Coach Joe I would take full advantage of it to better your entire lifestyle.”

Ralph DiBugnara

Spartan Race Athlete (New Jersey)

 "I started training with Joey in hopes to improve my overall strength for competition in obstacle races I was currently training for. Even before starting this I was training 5-7 days a week and competing at what I thought was a very high level and in best shape of my life. I have played sports at almost every level throughout my life and I am a certified trainer myself in a variety of different disciplines.With the Complex training technique’s I learned with Joey in 30 Days, I not only did I put on five pounds of muscle but I increased my strength from week 1 to week 4 over 40 to 50% in almost ever yone of our exercises . I learned a variety of useful movements that have improved every part of my training to compete in my upcoming races. I have competed for over 20 years now in athletics and I can’ stress how eye opening and productive these sessions with Joey were. I am looking forward to my next races knowing I am much more prepared then I have ever been before."

Eric Hosmer

Kansas City Royals Baseball Player

 “ I was fortunate enough to have Joey Greany as my strength and conditioning coach. He is a great person to have on your side as a motivator and trainer. He knows how to workout muscles you have never worked before to reach your maximum strength. He made sure to keep my body in tip top shape through out the season where I could perform at my maximum potential. I really suggest if you have the chance to work with coach Greany do so! "

Lindsay Hammer

Runner & Athlete (New York)

 "I have known Joey Greany for over fifteen years.  The thing that has always remained consistent with Joey is his passion for a healthy life style. It is this passion that allows Joey to be so motivating and inspiring for others. He truly cares about helping others achieve their goals, whether you are a close friend or a new client. I have always been an active person who stayed in shape, but Joey helped me get to the next level. I can honestly say that at age 32 I am in the best shape of my life. I am more of an athlete now then I was in high school. My strength, speed, and explosiveness have all increased dramatically. This transformation has allowed me to be competitive in extremely grueling obstacles races and on the soccer field. Joey pays such close attention to every detail and makes sure that the workouts fit your life style and level of fitness. If you are willing to put in work there is no better person to train you than Joey Greany.

Devin Rocha

High School Baseball Coach (Texas)

''Joey Greany's overall conditioning methods are amazingly effective. I've incorporated Joey's techniques and methods with Division 1 baseball players at Cal State Fullerton, Baylor, San Diego State, Illinois, Creighton, Hawaii, Texas Tech, Angelo State, Stanford, Weatherford JC, Odessa JC, Midland JC, Wayland Baptist and UC Irvine. I am currently using his strength and conditioning program at D-BAT Lubbock and players incorporated with Team USA. All of these athletes firmly believe that Joey Greany's methods have given them the upper hand on their competition.''

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